That was my favorite outfit for the beach last week.
I had a five days vacation with my mom and siblings in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. It was beautiful and fun and calm… Too perfect!!

That’s obviously not my best beach picture but is the only one I have on my iPad! It is still wonderful.

I found my old typer, the one I used in middle school because our school didn’t have computers back then.
I spend a good amount of time cleaning it and making it work again until I finally got it. It is missing the S key but I put tape on it to make it softer to use, so then I wrote this letter for my boyfriend, who is in Iowa, USA, while I’m in Mexico, my home country, missing him so much.
He knows I have this blog but he never looks at it unless I send him links, so I am pretty sure, though it’s gonna take forever to get there, that he’s not going to see it until the U.S. Postal service takes it to his mail box.